Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization


Do you need SEO for your website? If so, we will help you optimize your website. The things for SEO are specified below. Based on the list specified below, we will analyze your website whether or not your website meets the criteria for the SEO. Then, we will consult which parts will be modified and what kinds of things will be added to your website.

Content in a website is now extremely important for a factor of SEO. So, we will hear what your business is doing to create the content that will be on your website. Content that will be on your website should be unique and relevant to your business. However, creating content is not easy and may take time.

We have been creating websites for the clients for 15 years. During we have created many websites, we apply the SEO things to the websites created. That means we have abundant experience for the SEO. However, the way of doing SEO has been changed. So, the legacy way of doing SEO doesn’t work anymore. We know new strategy for doing SEO!

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of modifying the contents on a website. And it adds something into the target pages in a website to let the search engine crawlers understand the website effectively.

The things to do for SEO

  1. Create a sitemap and robots.txt
  2. Put the description meta data
  3. Create a page title
  4. Emphasize important text as heading
  5. Use structured data markup
  6. Organize your site navigate easily
  7. Create simple URLs and directory structure
  8. Useful and valuable content for users
  9. Using text for links
  10. Optimize images in your website
  11. Create your website mobile-friendly

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