About Us

Web Integrate is owned by a freelancer who has been developing web applications since 2005. He had been working at the Texas Department of Human Services as a systems analyst before he started his own web company in Houston. He joined a part of TIERS (Texas Integrated Eligibility Redesign Systems) projects for 4 years with consulting companies when he was working in the department. From the TIERS project, he had gained the knowledge and skills of web technologies. He had also built the web based systems from the scratch after he served the TIERS project. The web systems he built were for managing the nursing home facilities.

After he started his own company in Houston, he had consulted several startups for their e-commerce system buildup. Also, he had provided internet marketing strategies including SEO, Google Ads, and email marketing. Recently, he has been learning and making several mobile applications using Android SDK. You can see the web applications and mobile applications that he has created since mid year 2018 from his portfolios.