Things to do for SEO

Create a sitemap

To make the search engine crawlers find your website, you should create a sitemap. A sitemap is a file that include the pages’ information. A sitemap is on the web server and it provides pages’ information to search engines. A sitemap helps search engines find your site easily, especially large site. Also, a sitemap is very useful if your site uses rich media content. Related article: Importance of sitemap for SEO

Page title of each page

You must create a unique and accurate page title. The page title should also be brief and descriptive. You must avoid choosing the page title that is no relation to the page content.

A robots.txt file

Create robots.txt to block some pages from crawling, and upload this file to the root directory of your website. This file tells search engines which pages are blocked for crawling. However, the pages blocked by this file can still be crawled. So, you should use a more secure way to block sensitive pages.

Put the description meta data

Put the page information into the “description” meta tag in your HTML page. This description explains what the page for. You have to put the description into each page, and the description should be unique. Also, the description should relate to the page content accurately.

Emphasize important text as heading

Using headings to emphasize important texts can make pages structural. Multiple heading sizes used orderly in a page can make users navigate easily in the document. However, you must avoid excessive use of headings on a page.

Use structured data markup

You can add structured data markup to explain what the pages in your website are to search engines. The structured data is code that can be embedded into the pages in a website. This helps search engines understand what the pages in your website are. However, you should be careful when you use this markup. You should be very familiar with this markup before you use this.

Organize your site navigate easily

Making your site to navigate comfortably is important because it helps the users find a page easily. Also, this helps search engines figure out what your contents are. So, you have to plan how to organize your site hierarchy. The site’s hierarchy structure should be simple and easy. Normally, the home page includes general content, but the other subsequent pages include more specific content.

Create simple URLs and directory structure

The word URLs that are relevant to the site’s content provide site visitors a clue for the pages about. So, the URLs should be simple and descriptive for site visitors and search engines. You must avoid using long URLs and general words. Create directory structure to organize the content well. So, the site visitors can find the location where they are in a website.

Useful and valuable content for users

If your website contains useful and valuable content, users realize your site’s quality is good. Then, it builds your site’s reputation. When you create the content that will be on the pages of your website, you should think from your customer’s perspective. Also, creating a fresh and unique content helps your site more recognizable to users and search engines.

Using text for links

Choosing anchor text for a link is also important because it provides some information about the page linking to. So, when you choose anchor text for a link, it should be descriptive and concise. You must avoid use generic words like “Go to page”, “Click here”, and so on. Using long sentence for anchor text is not good idea either.

To distinguish anchor text for a link from regular text, you have to format the anchor text to be spotted easily.

Optimize images in your website

The file names of images should be short but descriptive. And, the “alt” attribute in “img” element should include the text information about the picture. So, the image’s information displays if the picture is not displayed on the screen. When you use an image as a link, the text in “alt” attribute can be used as an anchor text.

You can create image sitemap that can provide image information to search engines. This sitemap can give more opportunity that the images are displayed in image search results.

Create your website mobile-friendly

Most people use mobile phones to search information. So, creating your website mobile-friendly is now extremely important. Since the late 2016, Google has begun experiments to primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content for ranking, parsing structured data, and generating snippets.

When we create websites for our clients, we apply responsive design method. So, if we create your website, the website will be mobile-friendly.

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