Importance of sitemap for SEO

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a file about a website’s information that includes the pages, media files, and other miscellaneous files. You can create a sitemap and upload to the root directory of your website. The sitemap can help the crawler of search engines to find the pages easily.

Necessity of a sitemap

Normally, a crawler of search engine can find the sites automatically. You don’t even have to submit a URL to search engines. However, a sitemap can help the crawler to crawl your site effectively. A sitemap can be very useful if your site is one of the conditions below:

  1. If your pages in the website are not linked each other, the pages are listed in the sitemap and can help the crawler to crawl the pages.
  2. If your site is new and really large, the crawler might overlook some of the pages. So, the sitemap can supplement this pitfall.
  3. If your site is rich content. the sitemap can be useful.

How to build and submit a sitemap

To build a sitemap, you have to decide which pages on your website will be crawled and determine the canonical version of each page. Then, you should select a format you want to use. There are several sitemap formats such as XML, Text, RSS, Atom, and so on. Finally, you can submit the sitemap you created to Google search console.

Refer to Build and submit a sitemap from Google.

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